A Creative Spark

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The coolest part about working with creatives is, well, working with creatives. Creativity is the manifestation of deep passion and love. Witnessing what that passion and love produces in our clients is just so damn amazing. For Baltimore filmmaker Lee Morton and his associates at Clickspark, every ounce of this creative drive comes through in their work. It is remarkable to see how they have taken a long-established industry and transformed it into a true art form. While wedding videography may conjure images of forgotten, dusty VHS tapes and footage of drunk Uncle Al telling you he always loved you, what Clickspark creates is more the stuff of beautifully composed art films, telling the story of their clients’ journey into marriage. This work is equal parts the craft of filmmaking and the craft of storytelling.

It is their emphasis on craft that really caught our attention as we started on our own journey to create the new Clickspark brand. We were drawn to the concept of craftsmanship – assembling and building a product. Lee and company were attracted to the clean simplicity of Swiss design much in the same way we were in the creation of the Braizen brand – something to be said about “birds of a feather.” Building on these essential design perspectives, we began our process of crafting Clickspark’s new look. We developed a central design element to serve as the spark (heh) that would ignite (oh, brother) the brand as a whole. This electrifying (COME ON!) little element became the common thread throughout the brand and inspired several additional illustrations and some shockingly (sigh) awesome patterns and textures.

What we really LOVE about all of this is how Lee and his team have fully embraced the new look. Doing what they do, Clickspark even made a little film about their mark – be sure to check it out below.






Check out this promotion video that Lee and his team put together in honor of their new brand and website launch. It’s pretty awesome and will not disappoint!

WISDOM OF CRAFT from Clickspark on Vimeo.

“I think to most small businesses the idea of branding is a bit overwhelming because if they deeply understand it’s relevance, they know how impactful it is. How the consistency and cohesiveness of how you look is not only depicting what you stand for but also establishes a deep sense of trust. Braizen challenges you, excites you and takes so many necessary steps to create timeless and practical marketing tools for your business. I’ve always wondered what we would look like in one “mark” and everyday I still get excited by it’s form and dynamic.  We’re passionate to make an impact & ignite our viewers and Braizen interpreted that so clearly.  They’re candid, defiant and so talented.”         ~Lee Morton

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