Eight free WordPress plugins
to make your admin life easier

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Did you know that you can customize the admin of your WordPress website?

In this blog post, we’re sharing our favorite plugins for improving the WordPress admin. With a few simple plugins, you can set up URL redirects, enable Google Analytics reports, add navigation in between posts, and more. These plugins definitely make our lives easier!

#1 Admin Columns

This plugin lets you customize the WordPress admin screen. You can add information columns to standard WordPress sections like All Pages, All Posts, Media Library, and Comments.

The default WordPress Media Library has a column for comments on images. We don’t allow comments on images, so that column is pointless. With the Admin Columns plugin, we can add a column for useful information like the image dimensions, or file size.


#2 Duplicate Post

This plugin does exactly what it says: it lets you duplicate posts and pages on your WordPress website. So useful if you want to create a new page similar to one already on your website.

After installing the plugin, go to Settings > Duplicate Post to configure the settings. If you have any custom post types (e.g. portfolio, testimonials), you can enable them there.


#3 Admin Post Navigation

This plugin adds next and previous navigation buttons to the WordPress admin. You’ll see them when editing a page or blog post.

The navigation buttons are useful if you’re reviewing your website’s content. They make it easy to navigate between your blog posts or pages. It saves you the step of going back to the View All Posts screen.


#4 Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights on braizen.com.

This Google Analytics plugin connects your website to Google Analytics and so much more. It allows you to track events (e.g. downloads), track clicks on external links on the website, and enable demographic and interest reports.

We love the report it adds to the WordPress dashboard for the Braizen website.


#5 GM Block Bots

This plugin helps exclude spam links from your Google Analytics. It has no settings to configure. It works silently in the background to keep annoying links out of your analytic reports.


#6 Akismet

This free plugin automatically checks comments for spam. It filters them out so you don’t need to deal with them. It also integrates with many WordPress form plugins, to block spam from your contact forms.

You need an API Key to use Akismet. Take a moment to set one up to avoid spam on your website.


#7 Redirection

URL Redirects in WordPress

Redirect URLs are relative: make sure to enter the part of the URL that comes after your domain name.

This plugin makes it easy to manage URL redirects and monitor 404 errors on your website.

Redirects are especially important if/when you redesign your website. Use this plugin to set up redirects for any links you change.


#8 WP Smush

This plugin helps compress images uploaded to your WordPress website. Adjust the settings to manage which images it adjusts, and how much it compresses them.



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