10 Wacky Facts About Walter

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In our continuing torture saga special feature on “stuff-you-never-knew-and-probably-wish-you-didn’t-about-our-team,” we catch up with our illustrator and letterer extraordinaire, Walter Cochran and learn a little bit more about Braizen’s man behind the scenes:
  1. I have a lifetime competitor and friend – my fraternal twin brother.
  2. I have a huge, hairy baby boy named Booker.
  3. I earned a BS in Environmental Science concentrated in Water and Soil Resources, now I design logos.
  4. I’m a fourth generation carpenter and spend most of my spare time building furniture (creative therapy).
  5. I raced a dirt track car for three years before college.
  6. Me and my buddies have nail driving competitions on the weekends (please reference fact number four or “redneck guide to success”).
  7. I have a savings account just for my future pilot license and ski boat.
  8. My choice of beverage is Miller High Life, mainly because I am obsessed with its branding. Who says branding doesn’t matter?!
  9. I live on top of a barn that I spent six months solely refinishing with no air-conditioning (more creative therapy).
  10. I have a fake front tooth.
Walter Cochran

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