The Road to Archer

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Chicago lifestyle photographer Lori Brudzisz has deep roots in the Archer Heights area of the Windy City. She is someone very aware of how nostalgia and memory play a major role in how people hold on to cherished moments. Her journey into the world of photography has been very much about keying on the power of photography to tell a story about family, community, and the relationships that shape us. This perspective is what Lori presented to us when she inquired about a new brand for her budding photography business. As she told us the story of her grandparents and growing up in the home that she now calls her own, we all could identify with Lori’s unique vision. It was so easy for us all to think back on many of the same things Lori was talking about – the pleasant smells from grandma’s kitchen, what it meant to live in a neighborhood, the pieces of memory that come flooding when we hear a certain song or catch the whiff of something good baking in the oven. It became clear to us that Lori was on to something that could resonate for everyone – photography that focuses on building lasting memories.

During our time working on Lori’s project, we have come to adore this amazing artist. In order for us to get this brand just right, we had to challenge Lori to gather and articulate feelings and remembrances about her childhood, her family, and the Archer Heights community of not only her time, but also what the community was to her parents and grandparents. Lucky for us, Lori was extremely open and brilliant at getting these ideas across to us. Through her stories, we were able to construct a brand that captures those feelings of nostalgia, community, home, family, and a bit of Chicago pride. She gave us more than enough to accomplish this project – she gave us so much that we were able to create an entire collection of amazing extras, including watermarks, illustrations, and one of our all time favorite collections of textures and patterns. Overall, the brand is the perfect visual representation of Lori’s vision for her business and presents a distinct, clear message to her clients about her feelings on photography. We’ve loved working with this fantastic woman and can’t wait to show off more awesomeness from Archer Road.

“A lot of people in the photography business will tell you that making a real investment in your visual identity is unnecessary. Just look at all the pre-made logos floating around the forums and Etsy. I myself had been putting off the idea for a long time because more equipment or a workshop always seemed like it should come first. Then one day it dawned on me that the area of my business that needed the biggest boost was my own personal confidence. Confidence in my ideas, my brand, my identity, and my vision.

I was nervous waiting for our first phone appointment. I had no idea how I was going to explain the meaning behind my brand. I started this process feeling really scared no one would understand my vision and that my ideas were too abstract. Not only did the team at Braizen understand what I was going for, they backed up my ideas with enthusiasm and encouraged me not to be timid about them.

I have never seen designs from Ashley and Walter I didn’t love and find completely individualized. Every time they’d post a sneak peak of someone’s brand, I’d feel a twinge of jealousy. I knew the only way I would want to shove my business cards in the hands of complete strangers was if my visual identity came from Braizen. Despite how busy they are, they fit me into the schedule in no time.

The day I got the message that my concept was heading my way I literally dropped what I was doing and ran home to my computer. I sat at my kitchen table, opened my Macbook, saw logos and colors I completely loved, and an illustration of my grandparents house that actually made me cry.

I believe that when it comes to this, you get what you pay for…and getting Braizen is worth every penny.” ~Lori Brudzisz

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  1. This is what it's all about! What an awesome thing to hear from your clients.
  2. I love what you've designed for Lori...she had a very specific vision for her brand, and you did what you always do - you rocked it out, hard. :) Lori is too wicked cool - I had so much fun with her in Vegas and only wish we'd been able to spend more time together (it's all good - I've always wanted to visit the windy city, lol!). This really is just amazing! I am excited to see what's in store for Archer Road and well - you already know how I feel about you all. ;)
  3. This was such an amazing experience. Words don't really do it justice. Well, maybe swear words ;)
  4. Kelly
    I have known Lori for many years and I am so happy that your company was able to embody the spirit of her photography so well! I have watched her talent grow immeasurably over the years and I am so proud that she is taking her talent and passion to the next level with her photography business. Her photography speaks for itself and is enhanced and complimented by the branding created by your company. Congratulations Lori on this amazing adventure you are about to undertake with your business and thank you to Braizen for capturing the essence of her photography so well!

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