She’s off to great places!

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She’s off and away. It sure is sad to finish up with a fabulous client and watch her leave our little branding nest. This was especially true for the lovely and talented Monica Day. We will miss her enthusiasm, encouragement and all-around glowing personality. It’s a good thing we’re friends with her on Facebook so we can stay in touch with her. If you haven’t seen her branding post check it out here. Collateral images courteous of Monica Day.

Projects include: Business Cards, Letterhead x2, Envelope Label, Envelope Liners, Price Sheet PDF, Notecard, Gift Certificate, Rubber Stamps, DVD Labels x2, ProPhoto Blog Customization & T-shirt Design. Letterpress Business Cards printed by Mandate Press.

Shirt template courtesy of Angel A. Acevedo

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  1. gorgeous! looks like a lot of work ;)
  2. This is beautiful and classy/clean branding! I love it! I've also been eyeing all the lovely illustrations I've seen around the site within the brandings and logos. Wonderful work, Braizen!

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